Fresh faced teen lesbians Vanda and Candy

Fresh faced teen lesbians Vanda and Candy


This pair of fresh faced teen lesbians are a joy to watch.  Vanda and Candy make such a lovely couple and are true beauties to boot.  The couple are dressed in matching dresses, one in virginal white and the other an aqua blue and they are tenderly touching each other.

Soon the sparks begin to fly as the hot babes begin to kiss.  That shows us this is no staged setting, the passion and intensity of their kisses reveals the babes have real feelings towards each other.  Their hands begin to wander over each other’s hot bodies and the sparks intensify.  They retire to the couch where they slowly take off each other’s dresses.  This leaves both of the fresh faced teen lesbians dressed in just their panties.  They both have the sexiest teen tits, fresh with the pertness that only a young girl can have.  Their passion is now stepped up a notch as their kisses move from their lips to their tits as they lick, suck and nibble on each other’s breasts.

Next they turn their attention to their hot teen pussies.  Their hands slip between each other’s legs as they rub their fingers over their panties.  Then a hand slips inside and the babes let out simultaneous moans.  Soon they have their panties off, revealing a pair of teen lesbian pussies that are smooth, tight and delicious.  It is now time for the kissing to head south, as they begin to lick each other with a sensuality that leaves the viewer breathless.

They are now giving each other intense pleasure. as the naked teens finger and lick each other in turn, the passion growing each time they swap from pleasure giver to pleasure receiver.

This pair of fresh faced teen lesbians are a delight to watch as they are kind enough to allow us to share in their most intense moments.


Vanda & Candy

Length: 20:37

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