Nicole Black – Watch Me Cum For You

Nicole Black - Watch Me Cum For You

When a girl this beautiful looks in the mirror and tells you she wants you to make her cum, you can’t help falling in love. Raven-haired Russian temptress loves to have you watch as she takes your cock deep inside her. She’s obsessed with herself and you will be too. She makes no excuses for staring longingly at her own long limbs and firm body in the mirror and neither will you. When a girl this gorgeous looks at you in the mirror and says “watch me cum for you”… you just have to obey.

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Cayla – Into The Lions Mouth

Cayla - Into The Lions Mouth

Cayla is one of those Czech lionesses, hence her name and her thick mane of blonde hair. You’ll have something to give thanks for when she gets you into her den. You’re right there taking her in every imaginable position. You think you’re in control, but are you really? You know what they say about female lions (oops, I don’t really know what they say, but they must be madly sexual and worth fighting over). Anyway, Cayla is really someone to give thanks for and so is this video. Grrr, roar and don’t rush too quickly to get up from giving Thanks and get over to your computer and see what and who’s cumming next..Happy Holidays! xxoo Love, Colette ps. If you’re not a member yet sign up for unlimited downloads that never expire and unlimited lightening fast streaming!

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Lillianne – Little Firecracker

Lillianne - Little Firecracker

Red hot love is all you’ll feel when Lillianne strips out of her skin tight bodysuit and lowers herself down on your cock. You might just explode; at the same time she does. This fiery, insatiable, redhead been known to make guys cum in less than 10 seconds. Huge doe eyes, a perfect tight body and perky breasts. She is locked and loaded and wet. Not to mention her perfect ass. How long can you last inside her?

The clock is ticking. Your cock is aching, and her pussy is ready to blow.

Bang! Bang!

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Carrie – Fill Her Up

Carrie - Fill Her Up

Carrie is such a popular model but recently it seems her long distance running has made her even tinier than ever.

It also seems like she has a teeny, tight pussy too because Charles can barely fit his gigantic cock all the way deep inside. It must touch her bellybutton.

Luckily she loves it as you can tell from the look of ecstasy on her face. You’ll have to come inside to see how many positions they try to fit it in and just how much he fills her up. This is a must watch if you like super hot sex and tight young bodies! Join and see if you’re not a member already…

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Sybil – Would You Fuck My Girlfriend?

Sybil - Would You Fuck My Girlfriend?

I just can’t believe how lucky I am. Imagine waking up with this girl every morning, spending every day with her and making love to her anytime you wish.
I’m not sure what I did to deserve this. Every time I see her beautiful, perfect body… every time I gaze into her deep, smiling eyes…. every time I ease my big cock into her tight little pussy… I am thankful.
It’s as if her flesh was made to bring me limitless pleasure.
This is what the weekend is like for me. I wish you could join us. I can’t help but want to share my goddess and her pussy with another lucky person… she gives me so much pleasure, I want to give it right back to her. Maybe I’ll plan a surprise orgy for her birthday. Anyone want to join us? – Jake

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Natali – Russian Girls Are Perfection

Natali - Russian Girls Are Perfection

My Goodness. Is she real? How many women long for that pack of abs and piercing blue eyes? Well basically all of them (if you aren’t the stoned, eating THC brownies type). Then especially living in one of the big three cities you want to be this girl. But good news, man or woman you can see every inch of Natali and watch as she sweetly and then with more passion brings herself to an orgasm you will never forget. Watch it over and over. This is a moment that you won’t soon forget or a girl (unforgettable). God bless Eastern Europe and the bounty of beauty that they share with us. Only on X-Art. Join so we can get you in touch with these beauties in the near future. It will make all of our dreams come true. And if you’re a couple, even better. Spice up your relationship from a safe distance.

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Pink Violet – The Tightest Blonde

Pink Violet - The Tightest Blonde

Pink Violet” was standing in the hallway of her vacation villa feeling really horny. A pink violet is such a rarity as is “Pink’s” pussy. As she ponders what a nice sexual encounter could do for her mood a sexy Euro guy saunters in. Their eyes lock and that’s when the story begins. The passion is so ripe you could eat it (kind of gross but true). Watch as these two devour each other and at the end of this enchanted display are they even left? Or just exhausted deflated souls, waiting for the next endorphin producing encounter. Purely physical, but there is poetry in such perfection. Don’t think.

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Swingers Caprice and Marcello Four-way in 4k!

Swingers Caprice and Marcello Four-way in 4k!

WATCH this hot clip and JOIN to watch this and 1000’s of high quality videos made with love by Brigham and Colette (yes we are back at it together again after sharpening our shooting saws…

I think sometimes people don’t realize how much physical and mental energy it takes to make something great. But we are doing it and it will just get better and better all for you and all EXCLUSIVE.

See you inside ;-)

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Joseline, Leah Gotti – Threesome With a View

Joseline, Leah Gotti - Threesome With a View

Viva la Mexico!!!
While Colette and I were on vacation in Mexico with a couple of our models, we were chugging margaritas and enjoying the best fresh guacamole.
The girls started to get flirty, not surprisingly. It’d been a couple days since any of us had fucked.
Joseline headed up to her room to take a bath… When Colette and I walked in we found her naked, looking out the window at crashing waves.
I asked Leah and Joseline to show me which girl was the best at sucking cock.
These are two girls who really love deep throating to pleasure their man.
Leah takes great pride in her ability to take even Michael’s fully erect cock all the way down her throat without gagging.
And Joseline happily sucks on Michael’s balls while Leah swallows him completely in unison. At this point he’s one happy man!
When Joseline finally climbs on top, Leah and Michael take turns pleasuring her pussy while he plunges as far as she can take it. I could tell Leah was getting overwhelmed with horniness at this point. She starts massaging her pussy to receive some of the tension, but really she can’t wait to get him inside as well.
The trio moved over to the bed. Joseline insisted in having another minute or two atop Michael’s cock, she said she was about to come and couldn’t wait any longer. Michael relaxed on the bed and Leah helped grind Joseline’s pussy on him, while Leah sat on his face.
After an intense internal orgasm, Joseline finally moves aside and let’s Leah take her turn. Leah and M have been waiting for this moment, and it shows. Her cute bubble butt bounced up and down as she twerked on his rigid shaft. You can see her pussy grabbing on to his cock, even as she grinds all the way down to the base.
Joseline licks her fingers and starts to play with Leah’s ass while Michael fucks her. This sends Leah over the edge, and she has first orgasm. The momentum picks up, exchanging deep kisses while wave after wave of pleasure comes over them.
When M finally explodes in orgasm, he pulls out for a moment only to share his cum with Joseline, who is eager to taste him. He pushes his still spurting cock back inside Leah and exchanges a kiss as the three collapse in blissful exhaustion.

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Sybil – Love Burns Again

Sybil - Love Burns Again

It’s been so long that we have all waited to see Jake and Sybil; his real life girlfriend in a hot and steamy and real-life love making and casually kinky sex affair. Omg!! All couples and men can learn from Jake. He was in front of the camera and now he’s behind. But ONLY for X-Art Jake has agreed to get in front of the camera with his soon to be wife. So watch, learn and live by the ways of Jake. A simple chivalrous guy who can get ANY woman (or man if he wanted ) and show true love, true passion and true friendship.

Jake and Sybil are an example of what all couples want to be. Don’t miss this scene. It’s worth the price of membership alone. I love you all and wish you love! Join us today and support our cause. Sex makes people happy if you are 18 or 80 or even older! (btw rip Hugh, the changer of an era). We respect his work and are bringing X-ART into the world as a new solution for quality erotica. Cum in. I’ll make your day/week/month! Love, Colette and Brig AAAAww! So sweet its scorching hot with emotion. Cum inside for this long awaited real life masterpiece.

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