Jacuzzi Fun

Jacuzzi Fun

Hi guys! Remember me??? 🙂 LOL. I’m sorry I’ve neglected this blog lately, school has been keeping me very busy! But don’t worry, I’m still around…. you can’t get rid of me that easily, haha. 😛 In fact, I even did a live webcam show last week for my Members! If you want more Andi, come check out my super awesome website! 🙂

Speaking of which, here’s a peek at the latest photo update for AndiLand.com – selfies in the jacuzzi!

Funny story… I meant to post the above pic on Instagram earlier in the week, but I was distracted at the time and accidentally posted a naughtier one with my bikini bottoms pulled a little further down…. Ooops! 😮 I mean, you can’t see my holes or anything, but it’s really pushing the boundaries.

Then again…. pushing the boundaries is something I’ve become kind of good at. 😛

Come play with me in AndiLand.com and see the video for this scene on Monday! 😎

I hope you’re having a great weekend!

XoXo Andi

Andi Land