Mercedes Marston and Victoria Porter smoke in class

Mercedes Marston and Victoria Porter smoke in class

Victoria is studying in class but Mercedes has other ideas. She walks to the front of the class and gets out a cigarette, she lights it then blows smoke in Victoria’s face. Mercedes tells Victoria she must try smoking and she forces her to take a drag. As Victoria smokes she coughs which makes Mercedes laugh, but she isn’t stopping there, she makes Victoria’s smoke some more. As both the girls smoke in class, they both start to slip off their uniforms.

St Mackenzies

Helen White, Miss Drogan – Smart Girl

Helen White, Miss Drogan - Smart Girl

Helen is meant to be infiltrating a rival school, but Miss Drogan has been asked to make sure she looks the part. When Miss sees Helen she is not impressed, she will never get in looking like that. So Miss starts to strip off Helen’s uniform explaining how she will need to look a lot smarter. As Helen stands naked Miss shows her the plain white lingerie she will be wearing before dressing her back in the uniform, with a tidy tie and shirt tucked in!

St Mackenzies

Helen White, Sapphire Blue – Tickling

Helen White, Sapphire Blue

Sapphire has noticed Helen looking grumpy and she knows it is because she was made Head Girl rather than her. As she winds Helen up she decides she will make her cheer up and she starts to tickle her! When Sapphire starts to strip them both Helen is even more vulnerable as Sapphire can tickle more of her exposed skin! As Helen gets more naked Sapphire tickles her underarms & feet making her laugh no matter how much she tries not to!

St Mackenzies

Headmistress Mackenzie, Matron Kay – Beautiful shoes

Headmistress Mackenzie, Matron Kay

We are in need of a new Matron so I have started interviewing, and our first candidate is the very sexy Miss Kay. As I start the interview I notice that Miss Kay is very distracted by my pretty high heels. It is clear both our minds have strayed onto our pretty stilettos and also our mutual love for such beautiful shoes. As we get more distracted we start to strip, while taking the time to embrace our stilettos, licking and sucking each other’s heels as we do.

St Mackenzies

Becky Perry – Gym panties

Becky Perry

Becky has sprained her ankle during her hockey lesson and has limped up to Matron’s room. As Becky feels her ankle she is obviously uncomfortable and she slowly starts to slip off her cute gym kit, taking great care as she does, and soon she is in just her lingerie & big gym panties. Becky still manages to slip off her sports bra, gym panties and her knickers underneath and when she sits back up on to Matrons table she is completely naked!

St Mackenzies

Roxy Mendez waiting for her induction

Roxy Mendez

New student Roxy is waiting for her induction, and she is wearing the official St Mackenzie’s uniform. While she waits she fidgets and plays around with her uniform, and as she plays she starts to slip items off. She starts with her shoes & pantyhose, closely followed by her white panties. Off comes her smart blazer too and she unbuttons her shirt which she slips off from under her tie, and her bra follows soon after.

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Lacey Chase – Classroom

Lacey Chase - Classroom

Lacey is alone in class, and as she sits at her desk she can feel the softness of her sheer stockings encasing her sexy legs. She slowly starts to slip off her uniform, and soon she is in just her lingerie & stockings, and as she sits up on the teacher’s desk she slides her legs over each other. Lacey slips off her lingerie and as she stands at the front of the class in just her stockings, suspenders & heels let’s hope she doesn’t get caught!

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Matron Kay – Latex gloves

Matron Kay - Latex gloves

As Matron Kay flicks through her book her box of latex gloves catch her eye, she loves the feeling of the latex and as she slides one on to her hand pulling it up hard. The latex is making her feel very sexy and she slips off her skirt showing her perfect ass. Slipping on another glove she rips it slowly off her hand. The sound of the ripping latex makes Matron feel naughty and she slips off the rest of her sexy outfit.

St Mackenzies

Melissa Thompson – White cotton panties

Melissa Thompson - White cotton panties

As Melissa sits and waits for Headmistress you can see right up her skirt with a perfect view of her white cotton panties. Melissa is very fidgety and as she moves around you get lots more cheeky views up her skirt! As she slips off her uniform you get lots more looks up her skirt, front and back, and when the skirt comes off you can watch as she plays with her white panties before slipping those off too.

St Mackenzies

Lauren Marsh – Gloves

Lauren Marsh - Gloves

Lauren is wearing her very sexy uniform including her leather stud black gloves. As she works she pauses to smell the leather, she loves the feel and look of her gloves and knowing Miss will not be back for a while she starts to slip off her uniform. Soon Lauren is in nothing but her sexy ankle boots and her gloves and as she sits back at her desk she to wait for Miss to return she runs her gloved hands all over her naked body.

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